Sunday, July 29, 2007

Look at those CHEEKS!!

Isn't she beautiful? At her 9-month check up she weighed in at a record 17 + pounds! Sorry the update took so long ... we're having a funeral for our computer.
She loves food. Can I say that again? She loves food! She eats just about everything that a baby her age should eat.
She still depends on her tube feedings to maintain her weight (but who cares ... she's cute!). She likes drinking water, a little. She prefers playing in it after the first swallow. That first swallow in itself was a miracle. Her speech therapist thinks she may have a slight aversion to smells so we're to take film canisters and put holes in the top. Inside we'll put all kinds of smells ... coffee, cinnamon, scented lotion, vanilla, etc. That should help her adjust to more kinds of smells and then hopefully tastes ... such as juices, etc.
The important thing is we're getting there!

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