Sunday, November 25, 2007

Maddy's Memories

Today I had the rare opportunity to spend some "alone time" while she and I drove home from church. She started telling me about 1st grade and how her teacher, Ms. Pruitt, had a football bean bag chair in her room. She said that it was special for kids that were feeling sad. Whenever Claira was in the hospital, she would sit there alot, usually with her 2 best friends and they would read a book together. Then she went on to talk about several other memories she had. I can't recall what those memories were because my mind was set on the visual of a broken-hearted little girl being comforted by her friends and teacher. Tom and I were affected deeply by Claira's experiences, but let us not forget how greatly our other children struggled as well.
Our whole family continues to heal ... including Claira!

Friday, November 9, 2007

A Celebration for an "Extra-Ordinary" Girl

Let's just say ... we know how to party! With a little help from Mimi and Aunt Piki and my good friend Dawn, Claira's party was beautiful. Our friends Barry and Tracy Reynolds went out of their way to make our friends and family feel welcome. Claira's sisters and cousins were thrilled with the pony rides. Maybe it was a little over the top for a 1st birthday party ... but Claira's 1st year was a little over the top as well! She's growing and happy. She's become "Her Royal Roundness" to all of us.
Many families have suffered far greater hardships (and continue to do so). We remain grateful for her health and the wonderful medical care, support and prayers she received. Many of you know that I'm studying to be a registered nurse ... with hopes that I can give back to other families in the future.

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Thank you David and Gina Brim for helping to express our gratitude for an amazing show of compassion and generosity.