Saturday, August 18, 2007

Humble Reminder

This evening our family went to a pool party for T.J.'s jazz band. A good friend of mine, Robin Chase, lived up a few houses from the party and so I walked over to say hello as I hadn't seen her for a few months ... especially since Claira's surgery. She introduced Claira and me to her husband and family. As she introduced Claira she pointed out that she was the baby who been in the hospital several times. I gave an update and a brief description of how she's progressed (I always welcome a chance to brag about her).
Her mother-in-law approached me and, in passing, mentioned "when we were praying for Claira". I had chills. I have never met these people and yet they knew us. They knew Claira ... and prayed for her. I was reminded of how the heavens were opened in behalf of our family by more people than I think we'll ever know.
Thank you ... again ... to all who prayed for our little Claira. Those prayers were answered.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Movin' right along

We recently purchased a rubbery-top sippy cup for Claira. I cut part of the spout out so that she wouldn't have to suck to drink. Amazingly ... she's drinking water! That's all she'll drink (for some reason she doesn't take anything else from a cup) but who cares?!? She's drinking! Combine that with the fact that she's eating everything a healthy 10 month old should be eating ... we're almost there ... free of the tube feedings that is!
At her last cardiology appointment she got a huge welcome as everyone was thrilled to see how much weight she'd gained. Dr. Kimberling wants to do another echo in 6 months. If the scar tissue on her aorta is still the same we'll go to yearly visits. When she turns five they'll do another cathyter procedure to open the aorta more. If that doesn't work she will have to go through another surgery. But ... that's a long way away and who knows what could happen in 4 years! She's already an ongoing miracle.

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Thank you David and Gina Brim for helping to express our gratitude for an amazing show of compassion and generosity.