Monday, February 23, 2009

My heart's all better!

Claira, Tom and I visited Dr. Kimberling last week for her yearly visit. It was very different this time because she seemed to understand a lot more. During the Echo, she laid very still and was very sober. While she was looking at the picture of her heart, the tech said ... "look, that's your happy heart".
After the Echo, another tech performed the EKG ... and she was wonderful! She let Claira put some of the stickers on her chest, and she took that job very seriously. After, she was in charge of taking all the stickers off ... she loved that!
The end result is ... she's a miracle! The Dr. said the scarring in her aorta is improving as she grows. He doesn't see any more invasive procedures in her future. There is still a murmur due to the small leak next to the patch, but she'll always have that. We'll continue yearly visits until she's 5, then we'll see!
When we got home we talked about her little heart, and I told her it was all better ... she said "Yeah! My heart's all beddur!"

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