Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Claira!

1 year old today! It's truly an amazing milestone ... we've all felt such a mix of emotions today. She's a different baby, a different person. It's hard not to reflect on where we were and what we were doing a year ago.
Last night we all discussed how Tom, T.J. and Kaylee took me to the hospital at midnight to prepare for a possible induction the next morning. The doctor broke my water at 7:30 am and Claira came at 8:30 am. One hour ... she knows how to make an entrance! There was considerable meconium in the womb so she was watched closely for 24 hours due to concerns with her lungs, but other than that she was a healthy 9 lb baby! I remember recognizing her the moment I saw her, she looked like her big sister Kaylee. (Of course, now she mostly resembles her brother T.J.)
I remember the two months before her diagnosis feeling so completely overwhelmed with 6 children and a little depressed (okay ... alot depressed). Now I am overwhelmed with the feelings of gratitude that she's shown me and a deeper appreciation of life.

Claira's place in our hearts wasn't planned but she was definetly part of a greater plan.

We will be celebrating Claira's milestone with our extended family and friends later this month. (Pictures coming soon!)

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Thank you David and Gina Brim for helping to express our gratitude for an amazing show of compassion and generosity.